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Karena Calhoun has served in multiple roles over the last twenty (PLUS) years in the Residential Mortgage Industry with her most recent being that of Assistant Vice President within a national mortgage company. Over the last twenty years Karena has gained valuable information and intel about credit, money matters, homeownership and home retention.

Coach Karena

With a heart to see her community advance in the way of money, credit, homeownership, business & real estate investment; she has launched a Coaching practice to transition mindsets from living with just enough and surviving but to live and THRIVE all while creating a path to GENERATIONAL WEALTH FOR THEIR FAMILIES.

Karena’s mission; as a Certified Financial Coach as well as a Certified Business Coach is to educate, encourage and empower consumers to live meaningful lives not weighed down by unnecessary money and credit issues.

Coach Karena

As a certified Business Coach; Karena also coaches new business owners on how to build business credit not linked to their social security so that they are able to maintain financial stability within their personal landscape regardless of the business outcome.

Lastly through the Business Coaching platform; Karena coaches business owner’s on leadership and business organization.