Complete my coaching application and let’s get you off the beaten path and on the road to strategically impacting your business.

Ready to transform your life?  Tired of making excuses, procrastination and listening to those self-sabotaging words over and over in your head?  Maybe you’re tired of thinking you simply aren’t cut out to be a successful entrepreneur.  Whatever the issue is…I’m pretty sure you’re not going to surprise me nor stump me. 

Hi, I’m Karena Calhoun!

Welcome to my safe space for aspiring and established entrepreneurs…

After spending over two decades in Corporate America longing to be within a culture that truly empowers others to be not just the best possible version of themselves but to truly be their authentic selves in order to bring the true impact they were designed to bring…I left the corporate climb and am now living the life that I desired: to edify, empower and encourage people to be their best. In 2018 I began the transition and founded WarKry Consulting Solutions, LLC and in 2019 I fully launched! It’s been a BLAST and a WILD RIDE!

In 2018 I began to not just ‘use’ the phrase GO BE GREAT…I began to EAT, BREATH AND SLEEP the very essence of it!

Read enough and know that you’re ready to transform your mind, your life and your business?  Quickly click this link to complete and submit your application.  Once completed then I will review it and if I feel that we are a good match then I will contact you to schedule a call.  Our call will be the final determining factor as to whether or not we are a good fit.  

What You Can Expect:

Complete and submit your application for coaching.
I’ll review it to determine if I am able to serve you.
We chat to create a strategy for you to begin celebrating freedom.

I began to design a course of action for aspiring and established entrepreneurs that would not only change their course of action but would catapult them into their destiny. How, you ask? Well…first off…let me say that I’m speaking directly to you:

With one step at a time, you will learn how to go from negative self-destructive thoughts to positive impactful theory to launch actions. I am offering transformative resources that will inspire you to not only build your business but to create a legacy that will last.

Order your digital download, pre-order your hardcopy or bundle.

Coach KarenaAs a Coach; I have a heart to see my world-wide community of women advance in the way of their personal and business life.  I have launched this coaching practice to transition mindsets.  No longer are we living with just enough and surviving.  We are living and THRIVE all while creating a path to GENERATIONAL WEALTH FOR THEIR FAMILIES.

My mission as a Personal and Business Coach; is to edify, educate and empower women all over the United States.  The women that I typically work with are office workers, sales representatives, clerks, retail workers, food and beverage workers, office assistants…women of all types.  These are women from all women from all walks of life.  I want to see my female counterparts and co-consumers live meaningful lives not weighed down by unnecessary situations.

Lastly; I coach established women business owners on getting unstuck and moving into their genius zone.

Here’s who I want to work with…

Women who:

  • are ready to begin building for themselves and their families. 
  • have a strong desire, will and determination to create the life that they want to live. 
  • will hold themselves accountable and take the necessary steps to being who they are designed to be. 
  • are ready to create a strategy to exit Corporate America while building their own business.

If this is you; then quickly complete and submit your application!