About Me; Your Financial Coach and Business Coach

Hi There!  I’m Karena Calhoun a financial coach and a business coach for women.  I have served in multiple roles over the last twenty (PLUS) years in the Residential Mortgage Industry.  My most recent being that of Assistant Vice President within a national mortgage company. Over the last twenty years I have gained valuable information and intel to be released to the public.

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I’ve gathered info regarding personal credit, money matters, homeownership, home retention and business building.

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Coach Karena

As a Coach; I have a heart to see my world-wide community of women advance in the way of money, credit, homeownership, business & real estate investment.  I have launched this coaching practice to transition mindsets.  No longer are we living with just enough and surviving.  We are living and THRIVE all while creating a path to GENERATIONAL WEALTH FOR THEIR FAMILIES.

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My mission as a Certified Financial Coach as well as a Certified Business Coach is to edify, educate and empower women all over the United States.  The women that I typically work with are office workers, sales representatives, clerks, retail workers, food and beverage workers, office assistants.  These are women from all women from all walks of life.  I want to see my female counterparts and co-consumers live meaningful lives not weighed down by unnecessary money and credit issues.

Coach Karena

As a certified Business Coach; I also coach aspiring women business owners in building a successful business that represents their idea of entrepreneurship.

Lastly; I coach established women business owners on getting unstuck and moving into their genius zone.

Here’s who I want to work with…

Women who:

  • are ready to begin building for themselves and their families. 
  • have a strong desire, will and determination to create the life that they want to live. 
  • will hold themselves accountable and take the necessary steps to being who they are designed to be. 
  • are ready to create a strategy to exit Corporate America while building their own business.

If this is you; then schedule a call with me quickly!