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Mindset & Life Coaching For Women

Live Authentically, Purposeful & Impactful!

Want To Live Your Authentic and Purposeful Life?  Learn to transform stumbling blocks into stepping stones.  Together we will dissolve negative thoughts and behavioral patterns so that you can begin living your life of purpose.  



Unveil your authentic self, discover your purpose, and crush your goals.

Know exactly where you are and where you're going

Improved self-confidence and self-esteem

Positive mental thoughts

Ability to focus on and crush goals

Clarity of purpose

Elimination of long-held fears and doubts

Engage With Karena

If you would like to request Karena as a speaker on your TV Show, Podcast, Summit, Webinar or other event please send an email to: hellocoachkarena@gmail.com with SPEAKER REQUEST in the subject line.

Here are my talking points:

  • Unveiling your authentic self and living your life unchained.
  • Discovering your purpose and no longer chasing the dream.
  • Crushing your goals instead of only attaining them.

WarKry Consulting Solutions, LLC

WarKry Consulting Solutions, LLC is a personal and professional coaching strategy brand for women founded by Karena Calhoun. WarKry was created to guide you through the journey of unveiling your authentic self and discovering your purpose which leads you to spend more time crushing your goals and pulling your vision to you.  Why do all of this?  Because you can become laser focused on what fulfills you and causes you to make massive impact in the lives of those your assigned to impact.  WarKry Consulting Solutions offers services through one-to-one coaching, group coaching, webinars, summits, retreats and an international podcast.  

Want Coach Karena to speak during one of your amazing events?  Email hellocoachkarena@gmail.com with SPEAKER REQUEST in the subject line. 

What People Are Saying

Meet Karena Calhoun

Karena Calhoun, is a North Carolina native currently doing life with her best friend and husband in Richmond, Virginia for the last ten years. Karena, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ answered the call into ministry from God in 2008 and delivered her initial sermon in November 2008. She was licensed to preach the Gospel in 2011 and ordained in 2015.
Karena; a Certified Mindset and Life Coach guides women entrepreneurs to level up in their business by unveiling their authentic selves, discovering their purpose, increasing their self-confidence, and destroying self-defeating obstacles! This in turns helps women to reach their goals and pull their vision towards them.
In 2017 Karena began a journey of unveiling her authentic self and discovering her true purpose. During this time she began to understand that what she had been doing to help women since 2009 through outreach was definitely her purpose and calling. Today Karena helps women entrepreneurs destroy negative self-talk, overwhelm, and other malicious obstacles that come against their purpose.
Karena is also an international podcast host and rising transformational speaker
Karena has become for other women what she needed when she began her journey to GO BE GREAT.

Get In Touch

I’m honored and excited to be on this journey with you. It’s time for you to GO BE GREAT!

Do not hesitate!

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