Stop Making These Email Marking Mistakes

Many business owners who opt to try email marketing make the mistake of believing any type of email marketing is beneficial. This actually is not at all true; there are a number of mistakes business owners can make when they create an email marketing campaign. Examples of these types of mistakes may include allowing promotional materials to be tagged as spam, not following up with promotional emails, not being prepared for an influx of customers after an email marketing effort and not marketing specifically to the target audience.


Let’s start our discussion on email marketing mistakes with spam.  I know that I’ve spoken on this in the last several blogs but I truly feel that it needs to be driven home.  Spam is a problem that is reaching epic proportions. Each day internet users are bombarded with spam from around the world. This may include a host of unsolicited emails that are promoting products or services the recipients may or may not be interested in purchasing. A critical mistake business owners can make in email marketing is to release emails that are likely to be deemed as spam. This may result in the emails never reaching the recipient or the emails being deleted, without being read, by the recipient. Avoiding the potential of falling into the spam universe is not very difficult. It basically involves ensuring your promotional emails contain more useful copy than blatant advertising. This will make it more likely for your emails to be taken seriously as well.

Another email marketing mistake often made is failure to follow up on promotional emails. Sending out emails to interested parties can be very beneficial but it is even more beneficial to contact these email recipients by other methods such as chat or social media interaction to answer any questions they may have and offer any additional information they may require. This type of follow up can be much more effective than simply sending an email and allowing it to fall into the abyss of an overcrowded email inbox.


Business owners may also run into the mistake of not preparing themselves for an influx of customers after an email marketing effort. The express purpose of email marketing is to generate increased interest in your products or services. Therefore it is critical for business owners to anticipate an increase in business and be prepared to accommodate this increased demand for products and services. This is important because potential customers who have to wait for products or services may seek out your competitors who are better prepared to provide them with products or services immediately.

Finally a critical mistake made by business owners is to not tailor an email marketing campaign to their specific target audience. This can be a problem because it may result in the email marketing being less effective. Business owners typically make this mistake because they fall into the trap of believing that it is more important to reach a large audience than it is to reach a target audience. You may blindly send your email marketing materials to millions of recipients and only generate a few leads. However, you could send the same email marketing materials to a smaller group of only a thousand recipients who all have an interest in your products and services and will likely generate more leads from this smaller email distribution list. It is not only important to send your message to members of your target audience but to also tailor your message to suit this audience. Creating an email message which will appeal to a variety of individuals is not as important as creating a message which will appeal to members of your target audience.

Creating A Master Plan – Email Marketing


Email marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of internet advertising. This is because there are many distinct advantages to the concept of email marketing. However, email marketing does have some disadvantages as well. I want to talk a little about the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing.  I’ll also provide some insight into how to plan and execute an effective email marketing campaign.

Email marketing truly has a set of unique advantages over other types of marketing both online and offline. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages to email marketing is the ability to reach a worldwide audience with minimal effort – which we’ve already talked about in a previous blog. It is certainly possible to reach a worldwide audience with other types of advertising but traditional types of advertising such as television, radio and the print media are not nearly as effective for reaching potential customers around the world all at once.

Another major advantage to email marketing is it is extremely affordable. This is significant because there are many other types of marketing, including internet marketing, which are significantly more expensive than email marketing. The costs associated with email marketing are minimal. Ideally you will already have a list of email recipients who are interested in your products and services so – possibly – there is no cost associated with obtaining a list of email addresses. Additionally the cost to send out emails is minimal and can be considered part of your regular operating costs. All of these factors already make email marketing extremely cost effective.

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However, there is some cost involved in email marketing. Primarily this is the costs associated with writing the advertisements and creating any graphics which will accompany the email advertisements. This will require hiring a writer to write the copy for the advertisement and a designer to create and implements the graphics. The cost of these services will vary pretty widely but in general you will pay more for writers and designers with more experience. This is because these writers and designers are expected to be able to produce a higher quality of work than those with less experience could produce.

The most obvious disadvantage to email marketing is the possibility of having your email marketing viewed as spam. This is a very important problem because it could prove to be quite costly in terms of the profit margin for your business. Each day internet users are bombarded with unsolicited emails serving as advertisements. This problem has reached epic proportions and the abundance of spam infiltrating the email boxes of innocent internet users has to be cautious and suspicious about any email they receive which is unsolicited and appears to be promoting a particular product or service.

Emails which contain subject lines or content which appear to be similar to spam may be automatically transferred to a spam email folder by the email system. Emails which are not automatically deleted may be deleted without being opened simply because the recipient does not recognize the sender of the email. Both of these problems can result in essentially wasted time for the business owner because the recipients are not even viewing the emails advertising the products and services offered by the business. Additionally, they may result in complaints being lodged against the company for being a deliverer of spam.

Now that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing, you might wonder how you can maximize the advantages to use email marketing to your advantage. The most important factor to consider is your email distribution list. This should consist of former customers who have expressed a desire to receive emails with information and advertisements as well as potential customers who have also expressed interest in more information.

The content of the emails should also be carefully considered. They should certainly highlight the products and services you offer but should do so without appearing to be a hard sales pitch. A writer with experience in writing this type of copy should be able to assist you in providing insightful and accurate copy which also entices the reader to find out more about your products and services. Finally your emails should provide the readers with a call to action. This should be a statement urging the reader to take a specific action such as making a purchase or researching a product.

Leveling Up In Email Marketing


Even if you are already running a successful business, you may be surprised to learn your business can benefit greatly from creating an effective email marketing campaign. An email marketing campaign and a number of different options affords us the ability to reach a worldwide audience.  You have a variety of different marketing options at your fingertips and the ability to do a great deal of marketing with very little investment dollars.   Within this article we’ll take a look a few different topics in order to provide insight into how email marketing can benefit your business.

For many business owners one of the most prominent advantages to email marketing is the ability to reach a worldwide audience with minimal effort. While traditional marketing methods such as television advertisements, radio advertisements and advertisements in print media are typically targeted at a rather small geographic area, email marketing can reach a worldwide audience. It is possible to reach an audience of this magnitude with other marketing methods but it would be much more complicated to do and would likely involve launching advertising campaigns in several different markets. This is possible but would require an intense coordination effort and will likely require at the least an assistant help you in this effort.

Why You Need A Financial Coach

Also, the ability to transmit instantly via email can make it much easier to reach your target audience members with literally just the click of a mouse.  Creating the marketing materials for your email marketing campaign is significantly more involved but once this is done reaching members of your target audience is very simple.

Another advantage to email marketing is there are a multitude of advertising options available to those who wish to utilize this marketing strategy. The most commonly used method of email marketing it to send out group emails with product information and other promotional materials.  However, another way to approach the concept of email marketing is to publish and distribute e-newsletters to interested email recipients. An e-newsletter is typically much more in depth than the type of information which would normally accompany a promotional email. These e-newsletters typically feature at least one in depth article as well as a few shorter articles which either offer useful tips or review products. Additionally there may be some graphics, advertising and links include in the layout of the e-newsletter. Email marketing campaigns can also take the place of email correspondence courses which typically focus on one niche subject and feature a few installments which provide detailed information on a specific part of the niche subject.

Finally email marketing can benefit your business because it is an extremely cost effective method of advertising.  When you decide to create an email marketing campaign you will likely invest money in hiring professionals such as writers and graphic designers to assist you in creating content and an appealing layout for your promotional emails. However, this is typically not more than you would invest in hiring the same type of folks for an offline marketing campaign. However, unlike offline marketing methods there is not a great deal of cost associated with executing your email marketing campaign. Consider the creation of a television commercial where you will have to pay fees and purchase advertising space to allow your advertising to reach the public.  However, when you transmit your advertising via email, there is virtually no cost associated with this transmission. There are of course costs associated with maintaining an internet connection and retaining employees to send these emails but these costs are minimal and can be considered to be part of normal operating costs.

The Concept Of Email Marketing

EM3Deciding whether or not email marketing is a good idea for your business can be a difficult process. The concept of email marketing is very simple to understand, but the process of determining whether or not it is right for your business can be a little daunting. This is because you have to consider a number of different factors before making your decision. You should consider your target audience and their tendency to use the Internet, whether or not your message can be effectively stated in an email and whether or not your message is likely to be misinterpreted as spam. All of these factors are important and can help you determine whether or not email marketing is right for your business.

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to invest your money, energy and time into email marketing is your target audience and how likely they are to use the Internet regularly. This is important because an email marketing campaign is not worthwhile if members of your target audience are not likely to use the internet to purchase or research the products or services you offer. Even if they use the Internet for other purposes it isn’t really worthwhile because they will not be likely to become online customers for your products or services. However, if you have a target audience who is very likely to use the internet to purchase the products or services you offer and to research these items, an email marketing campaign is a great idea. In this case it is absolutely worthwhile because you will be providing information that your your target audience will find useful and honestly…they may already be looking for it in other places.


Next, you should consider the products and services you offer in an attempt to determine whether or not your message can be effectively stated in an email. This is important because if you offer a product or service that’s difficult to explain then the emails you use for marketing are not likely to be understood or well received. This is important because you want to be able to convince potential customers of the need for the products and services you offer rather than making them feel confused.

Finally, an important concept to consider is the possibility that your email messages will be viewed as spam. This is a very important concept because emails that are viewed as spam are not likely to be received at all because they may not ever make it to them.  If their spam filters – the gatekeepers – tag these emails as spam then you won’t get to them. Even if the emails do reach the intended recipients; lots of folks have grown accustomed to weeding out spam rather quickly and will be quick to delete, without reading it first. To segment your emails from spam it is important to consider the subject of your business and then consider the emails that you send out. This is important because certain subjects such as weight loss pills for instance are likely to be viewed as spam more quickly than other items. If you are in the business of marketing products or services that would likely cause your emails to be deemed spam, creating an email marketing campaign may not be worthwhile.

Don’t get me wrong here…I’m not nominating myself as the all around negative Nancy…but I wanted to give you the stone cold truth.  Don’t be discouraged.  Get info and keep going.  LET’S GO BE GREAT!

Why You Need Financial Coaching

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I know that sometimes we get caught up in the daily grind and oftentimes don’t clearly express what we’re doing and why. It seems second nature for us so we assume others know and follow as well. For that reason I want to clearly state why I believe in Financial Coaching. Don’t worry; there isn’t an up-sale embedded within this post…this is just me clearly stating a ‘why’.  HOWEVER…I will provide to you ways to contact me if you need me.

One thing that I have learned having been employed in the residential mortgage industry for 20 years now is that lots of folks make really good money. It’s their money decisions that gets them into hot water. I’ve worked in loan administrations, processing and underwriting as well as loan servicing.
The common theme?  Bad money Android smartphone on red flip case
As author and money coach; Chris Hogan has stated time and time again: America isn’t poor; it’s broke.
Lot’s of times in the residential mortgage industry we see the Borrower Explanation Letter for certain situations and it seems as though there’s someone writing the same letters for borrower and just changing the names.
For someone like me who wants to help every person that I come into contact with; this can be heart wrenching, overwhelming and will take a toll.
person sitting on chair holding iPad
I want to see people financially healthy not so that they obtain more stuff…stuff is great…but so that they can live comfortably and without fear.
Hand-to-mouth is real in the United States; but with six and seven hundred dollar cell phones or two hundred dollar cable/internet bills it’s a wonder we can afford to pay the necessary two hundred dollar a month electricity bill.
Rather than purchase a drive around car – we have conditioned ourselves to incur higher interest rate debt to show those certainly not all that close to us that we can afford a nice envy-provoking looking vehicle. Those onlookers won’t be riding in it and certainly they won’t be assisting with the payments.
Let’s not forget about the pieces of fabric that we consider clothing. I won’t go there…that’s a whole other post and we don’t have the time.
Don’t get me wrong, enjoy life…but enjoy ALL OF YOUR LIFE.
So; the long and short of it – Why Financial Coaching?
Why not allow someone who is trustworthy to look at your spending and credit history from an unconnected purview and give you solid strategies on how to rope your lifestyle in so that when you are really ready to enjoy life (during retirement) you can do so with ease.5 US dollar banknote
If it’s not me; reach out to a Financial Coach as soon as possible. Even if you don’t think that you need one; I guarantee that you could benefit from a session.