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P.O. Box 3022 | Henrico, Virginia 23228
P.O. Box 3022 | Henrico, Virginia 23228

Why a Strong Mindset is the Foundation of a Successful Entrepreneurial Career

It’s often the case that when one wants to start a business, they think it should begin with an idea and a business plan. But while these are necessary ingredients in entrepreneurship, they overlook the most necessary ingredient of all: their own mindset. There’s a quote from author and entrepreneur Idowu Koyenikan that says, “The mind has a powerful way of attracting things that are in harmony with it  — good or bad.” And it’s true. If you hit one obstacle in building your business and believe it’s a sign that you should give up now, you likely will. But if your mindset is focused on perseverance and success, you’ll keep at it. 

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