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P.O. Box 3022 | Henrico, Virginia 23228

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Maintain Balance

In an interview with Resident magazine, Fisher elaborated on his loyalty toward his top team members. “We are a longstanding and cohesive team,” he said. “I’ve invested and founded these companies with the same core engineering team and the same co-workers. The joke around here is that we consider ourselves a less good-looking, legal, married-with-children version of the Ocean’s Eleven team. We’re building good companies and selling them to other companies.”

18 Destructive Habits Holding You Back From Success

Letting yourself fall into bad health habits such as eating poorly, not exercising or not getting enough sleep will leave you mentally and physically exhausted, stressed and prone to illness. These can have real impacts on your ability to perform because you’re less likely to be focused and productive when you aren’t feeling well. Also, remember the importance of taking time to enjoy life. If you’re so busy working hard and taking life seriously, you’re probably missing out on everything else.

Why a Strong Mindset is the Foundation of a Successful Entrepreneurial Career

It’s often the case that when one wants to start a business, they think it should begin with an idea and a business plan. But while these are necessary ingredients in entrepreneurship, they overlook the most necessary ingredient of all: their own mindset. There’s a quote from author and entrepreneur Idowu Koyenikan that says, “The mind has a powerful way of attracting things that are in harmony with it  — good or bad.” And it’s true. If you hit one obstacle in building your business and believe it’s a sign that you should give up now, you likely will. But if your mindset is focused on perseverance and success, you’ll keep at it. 

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