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Quick question…what do you think is the difference between a good idea and a bad idea?

Well, there are a lot of possible answers and just so that you know…there’s are no right nor wrong answers.

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The easiest one is that a good idea is, well, good. A good idea resonates within its given community. It has legs. People like it. They get behind it. They support it. They own it. Why? Because the idea fills a need in that particular community.

Now, let’s look at a bad idea. It’s bad because it doesn’t resonate. It hits conflicting notes within the community that it should benefit. Because of this, the bad idea doesn’t gain as much support as the good idea. The good idea is accepted, the bad idea isn’t.

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Now this process isn’t relative or literal.

Some communities can agree on what are perceived to be good ideas when in fact they are bad ideas. History is littered with examples of this behavior. Let’s take a look at some things that were that were around when I was a kid that have been controversial: medicines and other items were filled with substances that are now illegal.  Soft drinks actually contained cocaine; cough syrups actually contained heroin.  Did they work? Of course they did. Were they good ideas? At the time, yes.  In retrospect, not at all.

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Realize that your brain is an idea machine.

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It will constantly observe the environment, take in information and try to make connections between what was observed and what was already observed. These connections are the source of rational thought. They are also the source of creative thought.

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The difference between rational and creative thought is direction. Be open to these moments, no matter how ridiculous they may seem at the time. Ideas are formed when the creative brain realizes that what appeared to be like/unlike is actually like/like when seen from a new perspective.

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