A revenue cycle begins when the claim is initiated and closes when payment is received.

We can assist you with reducing your A/R.

As it relates to your practice’s revenue; some of the most common errors can be overlooked and delay potential payment or your claims being adjusted properly. Our Medical Billers and Coders will maneuver through the intricacies of each non-paid claim and ensure payment.  Through policies and procedures that have been tested and deemed viable; we ensure the growth of your practice’s revenue.

We provide a wide range of options at an affordable price with strategic solutions that fit your needs.

Billing Service

We manage all claims from the start of the Billing/Coding Process until the claims are reimbursed. We have comprehensive tools required to manage all claims to increase profitability.

Our billing solutions package includes everything our providers expect from their in-house billing department.

  • Analysis Review
  • Remote Access
  • Comprehensive Claims Follow-Up
  • Insurance Verification
  • Payment Posting and Adjustments
  • Patient Soft Collections
  • Compliance

Denial Management

Claim denials is money tossed away. Our teams review these claims thoroughly and will pinpoint what solutions are required to ensure they are reimbursed. After a review of your outstanding claims report(s) our team will begin the processes to reduce the denials.

Patient Collection Management

Your self-pay receivables is just as important as your claims.  We provide soft collections and can build out a team for collection management.

Internship Program

We understand how important it is for newly trained medical billing and coding students to develop value, confidence, a sense of professional responsibility and to increase clarity on their career goals as they enter the healthcare Industry.

Our program is designed to encourage developmental skills that will enable the students to be challenged, to gain a more integrated and critical understanding of reimbursement methodologies, billing and coding guidelines for various payers, and federal / state law regulations while they receive the necessary hands on training.

For more information on our Internship Program visit our page: MEDICAL BILLING & CODING

To partner with us you may email at or call us toll free at 877.398.7911.


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