Are you a speaker and interested in bringing value to my podcast?  If so; the complete and submit this link: WarKry Radio – Go Be Great! Podcast Featured Speaker Agreement.

After submitting the form we will review your submission within 14 business days and notify to you via email with the scheduling link to schedule your recording session.

Please note that this is not a paid feature however you are encouraged to market your feature.  

My focus areas as a Wealth Strategist are Mind Re-Framing, Personal Money and Credit, Business Theory to Launch Clarity, Business Credit, HomeBuying and Real Estate Investment.  I am partnering with other amazing business owners such as yourself who would like to bring additional value to my radio show as a featured guest for a minimum of 35 minutes. 

During this segment we will have a hybrid styled episode that will consist of the following:

  1. Five-minute sponsorship and intro
  2. Fifteen minutes Introduction of and interview of featured guest
  3. Break
  4. Ten – Twenty  minutes guest free flow
  5. Outro

Please provide the following for marketing:

  1.     Two pictures
  2.     Your business’ name
  3.     Your website
  4.     Your preferred title
  5.     Your tagline
  6.     Your subject matter by title
  7. Any other information that you’d like to have added to the marketing materials

Once we record your featured episode the I will provide to you the air date – it will take an estimated seven days to complete editing.  

Currently we are available on the following platforms for listening (links are also provided) (please note that additional platforms are being added; the list provided may change):

WarKry Radio – Go Be Great

Google Podcast
Pocket Casts
Apple Podcast

We will use to record the session.

We will take a moment or two to chat and then we will begin the show.  

Once we are done with the recording; feel free to delete the app if you’d like.  It’s simply a tool for you and I to do the recording…or begin your own podcast!  

You will be able to listen to the episode on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast or Spotify (there are about six others as well including Anchor) on the air date/time.

Here is the flow for our recording:

  1. I will introduce myself to the audience.
  2. I will introduce you to the audience.
  3. I will ask you to greet the audience with a quick statement of your name, your business name and where you’re currently located.
  4. I will ask you a few questions from the list of interview questions.
  5. We will pause for a break.
  6. I will continue with a few more questions from the list of interview questions.
  7. I will give you an opportunity to speak freely regarding your company; what you offer and how you bring value to lives.  
  8. I will end the show.

FYI…I may interject questions throughout number 7.  The entire process can take up to one hour.

It will take me up to a week to complete the editing and have the marketing flyers completed.  Once the flyers are complete I will email them to you and will also let you know what date your episode will air.   

Tips and advice for recording:

  • Please be sure that you are in a quiet space to avoid any additional background noise.
  • Enable `Do Not Disturb` to avoid phone calls and notifications from interrupting the recording
  • Ensure that you have a stable connection
  • Outline your material to keep the segment structured
  • Close other apps in use before starting a call for a more reliable recording

Trouble connecting to a call

  • Be sure you are connected to a reliable Wi-Fi or LTE when using these features to ensure the best quality for the episode