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Once you have submitted the form we will email you within 14 business days to notify you when your roll will be aired.  Please note that we reserve the right to decline any submission that goes against our company standards without recourse and without notification.  

Our Mission and Goal is to give your brand the voice that it deserves – outside of your network.

  • Expand your brand awareness and network.
  • Potentially Increase your sales – we can not guarantee this goal’s success.

Profanity, Adult Content, Political Views, MLMs, Dating Sites, Gambling Sites, any otherwise rude or disrespectful content not intended for family audiences.

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You will provide the script to be read (Please ensure all words are spelled correctly, ensure grammar is appropriate as this will indicate pauses/breaks and stops in speech. Include all contact information to be included in clip.)

15-60 second spots read in my voice. Business Owner will provide the script. Script will be read during pre-roll or mid-roll. Option Type: (Only chose one)

  • Giveaway / Contest – this option works very well within the products based industries; however it is not specific to products..
  • Review – this is a review, preview, haul or explainer of your brand’s product or service. (Most Common)
  • (Option Not Available Yet) Topical Discussion – integration of brand into focused topic that’s relevant to the brand – this makes the sponsorship a natural fit.
  • (Option Not Available Yet) Guest Interview – Q & A episode or topical conversation with the sponsor as an expert on a topic.

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