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Okay; so…I know it seems a bit cheesy that I am SO excited you’ve decided to join us…but REALLY I AM!!!

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I am beyond happy when I see people taking steps towards bettering their lives.

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My daughter says that I am extra; that I boost people up and that I am waaaay to encouraging.  Welp…guess what babygirl…that’s what having a COACH for a mom is like!  IT’S JUST WHO I AM…not taking away from anyone else’s shine…but baby I was BORN for this.  So…with THAT being said…get ready for a wild, crazy, IMPACTFUL, SOLUTIONS FILLED ride!  I’ve got content coming your way soon so be on the look out!  (I don’t spam so if you get an email from me…know that it’s worth it.)  If you haven’t joined the Tribe…DO IT NOW…JOIN THE  SUBSCRIPTION TRIBE…DANGEROUS EVOLUTION!

Watch This Interview With Knowledge Born Allah & Karena Calhoun – Educating Encouraging and Empowering Thru A Solution Oriented Financial Lens

Be sure to go to my Welcoming Wealth Digital Products & Resources Center.  I’ve got a ton of great info there, How-To’s & Checklists, Guides and eCourses, Webinars are coming soon and let’s not forget some FREE goodies in THE GIFT BAG!  Here’s the link to gone on over Welcoming Wealth Digital Products & Resources Center.

AAAAAAANNNDD…if you wan to skip all of this and jump right into Coaching with me…well here is the link to get your Discovery Call scheduled.  I do require a $25 non-refundable fee that will be credited towards any package that you choose.  CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE!

Now…enough of me talking…YOU GO BE GREAT!

Chat soon – Peace!