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I know that sometimes we get caught up in the daily grind and oftentimes don’t clearly express what we’re doing and why. It seems second nature for us so we assume others know and follow as well. For that reason I want to clearly state why I believe in Financial Coaching. Don’t worry; there isn’t an up-sale embedded within this post…this is just me clearly stating a ‘why’.  HOWEVER…I will provide to you ways to contact me if you need me.

One thing that I have learned having been employed in the residential mortgage industry for 20 years now is that lots of folks make really good money. It’s their money decisions that gets them into hot water. I’ve worked in loan administrations, processing and underwriting as well as loan servicing.
The common theme?  Bad money decisions.black Android smartphone on red flip case
As author and money coach; Chris Hogan has stated time and time again: America isn’t poor; it’s broke.
Lot’s of times in the residential mortgage industry we see the Borrower Explanation Letter for certain situations and it seems as though there’s someone writing the same letters for borrower and just changing the names.
For someone like me who wants to help every person that I come into contact with; this can be heart wrenching, overwhelming and will take a toll.
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I want to see people financially healthy not so that they obtain more stuff…stuff is great…but so that they can live comfortably and without fear.
Hand-to-mouth is real in the United States; but with six and seven hundred dollar cell phones or two hundred dollar cable/internet bills it’s a wonder we can afford to pay the necessary two hundred dollar a month electricity bill.
Rather than purchase a drive around car – we have conditioned ourselves to incur higher interest rate debt to show those certainly not all that close to us that we can afford a nice envy-provoking looking vehicle. Those onlookers won’t be riding in it and certainly they won’t be assisting with the payments.
Let’s not forget about the pieces of fabric that we consider clothing. I won’t go there…that’s a whole other post and we don’t have the time.
Don’t get me wrong, enjoy life…but enjoy ALL OF YOUR LIFE.
So; the long and short of it – Why Financial Coaching?
Why not allow someone who is trustworthy to look at your spending and credit history from an unconnected purview and give you solid strategies on how to rope your lifestyle in so that when you are really ready to enjoy life (during retirement) you can do so with ease.5 US dollar banknote
If it’s not me; reach out to a Financial Coach as soon as possible. Even if you don’t think that you need one; I guarantee that you could benefit from a session.

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